There are a total of eight shares on the property all with their own unique charm and characteristics.
The shares vary in size from two acres to five-acre plots but all shares have access to make use of the commonly shared land.

1 Wood Duck Meadow – SOLD

An open lower landscape with a gentle north-east slope with sandy loam soil and a bottom flat of river silt soil delivered by the 100 year floods. Wood Duck Dam divides the slope from the flat and is one of the lowest and longest dams on the property. This area, being low on the property, can be quite frosty on early mornings in winter.


2 Main Crop Plains – SOLD

Main Crop Plains is a mid-slope micro climate house site at the top of the main central valley, with giant bamboo sheltering the south side. There are two food forested swales on a gentle south-west slope and 10 main crop gardens on a gentle north-east slope, all on sandy loam soil. A lotus paddy sits just below the house site with a terrace around its upper side. The lower flat is river silt soil with three small chinampa canals in position to receive over flow from the lotus paddy.


3 Koonorigan’s Corner – SOLD

Koonorigan Corner is a gentle east-facing ridge site sheltered by two tree-lined valleys and the treed driveway. A giant rainforest remnant White Beech tree stands as a majestic central ridge point feature surrounded by many old persimmon trees that are remnants of the Chinese gardeners who fed the logging teams on the site over 100 years ago.  The soils are a sandy loam in this sheltered site that has abundant water from swale enhanced spring lines.


4 Hill Top View – SOLD

A gentle upper mid-ridge slope site with stunning views of the distant ranges of the Nightcap National Park rainforest with the beautiful Terrania Creek valley of The Channon village in the foreground. The site faces north-east with one swale, sandy loam soil and is almost


5 Food Forest Row – SOLD

An an east-facing slope with two well-established food forested swales top and bottom. This very private site looks down to both the Terrania Creek and Rocky Creek valleys with the little village of The Channon nestled in the trees below. The soil is a sandy loam with plenty of hydration from the swale recharging good spring lines and is almost completely frost free.


6 Pinchin’s Gate – SOLD

One of the highest house sites on the property with a separate entrance shared with only one other house site. There are sweeping views across The Channon valley and distant hills through the forested slopes below. The soil is rich basalt and is totally frost free for truly tropical species. The main slope is north round to east with a view over the beautiful Mist of Avalon Dam and its mixtures of giant tropical clumping bamboo. To the north, there is a very fertile natural terrace in the landscape with great potential.


7 Zaytuna South – SOLD

Zaytuna South is one of the highest house sites on the property, with a separate entrance shared with only one other house site. There are sweeping views across The Channon valley and distant hills through the forested slopes below. This site has two dams, Top Dam and Pinchin’s Puddle, in a forested valley with a large spring-fed swale at the bottom. The main slope is to the south round to east with a gently sloping south paddock with rich basalt soil and is totally frost free for truly tropical species.


8 Paradise Dam Homestead – SOLD

includes an extensive straw bale house directly overlooking the stunning Paradise Dam, with a back drop on the opposite shoreline being the oldest food forest on the property. The dam has a large jetty and is excellent for swimming on hot summer days. The home paddock is an east-facing gentle ridge ling surrounded by treed valleys while a forested creek edge creates a very private, secluded feel.  A great diversity of advanced fruit trees and stunning large clumping bamboos make this a very picturesque location.



Zaytuna Farm

Is next to the village of The Channon, Northern New South Wales, it is 66 acres, 27 hectares of mostly east sloping land. It has 600m of road frontage on the western boundary and 800m of creek frontage on the eastern boundary.


The property was purchased in 2001 as degraded beef cattle grazing property with no internal roads or tracks, internal fences, dams ponds or any water holding capacity. Over 18 years we have developed the property to be completely drought proof and buffered against flood damage. With over 20 dams and kilometres of swales, food forests, farm forestry, well managed pasture, crop gardens and access driveways and tracks.


In the valleys and steeper slopes natural endemic forest cover still exist with an abundance of wildlife. In 18 years the bird count has increased from 53 in the first year to 112 now. Koalas can be seen in the forests and platypus can be seen in the creek.



The green D1- D8 are Fixed house sites approved by Lismore city council for the building of residential houses.



The Yellow Borders C1- C8 are only a suggested area of personal use for each House site based on the terrain . This area can be Larger or smaller if so desired.



The solid yellow marking shows the commercial structure locations. Lerning centre, workshop, camping shelters, Cabins, shower and toilet blocks, comercial water tanks.



The Yellow faded markings show the border of  the comercial land this will be used for the benefit of all shareholders.



A place for community members and family members to be burried.



The rest of the farm that is not designated as private space or commercial space is common and may be used by all shareholders of the community for permaculture practices or other based on agreement.

Eco Tourism
& Education
The Zaytuna Farm Eco-Tourism site hosts a successful permaculture education centre complete with a fully functioning commercial kitchen, camp-site and toilet shower block, as well as a community garden, a shared tool workshop and co-working office space, all running on stand alone solar power with back up diesel generator.
Shared Land
& Resources
There is 800m of creek bordering the property with several swimming holes and fishing spots. The property is completely drought-proof with a total of 25 dams connected to a gravity-fed irrigation system that can be used by all shares.
The dams are fed by 3km of swales (water harvesting ditches on contour) that also help hydrate the landscape and create seasonal springs and water falls. There is 10 acres of food forest with a stunning array of edible fruits and perennial vegetable crops as well as wilderness forest


The Zaytuna Eco Tourism Business Centre operates within the property and will be an income generator for all shareholders. Close to the front entrance there is a 200 square metre commercial workshop with a large business office and storeroom as well as  a very large solar power system providing all the electricity required. 

The Centre includes multiple car parks along the main driveway, a campsite with 10 camping shelters, an education centre with an approved commercial kitchen, large events education and dining area, students’ kitchen, internet cafe, small laundrette, six toilet and shower block, farm dairy, a triple terraced commercial plant nursery, a large kitchen garden, three concrete roof water tanks with a total capacity of 72,000 gallons, a small manager’s cottage and approval to build five two-bedroom accommodation cottages.

There is an extensive list of farm equipment on site including a 4WD tractor. The main built infrastructure is situated on a long flat-topped ridge and surrounded by a food forested swale with a few large rainforest remnant trees forming classic visual statements.

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    1 Wood Duck Meadow2 Main Crop Plains3 Koonorigan's Corner4 Hill Top View
    5 Food Forest Row6 Pinchin’s Gate7 Zaytuna South8 Paradise Dam Homestead