8 Paradise Dam Homestead $600.000

8 Paradise Dam Homestead


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Paradise Homestead includes several straw bale houses kitchen, large livingroom three bedrooms two bathrooms as well as a compost toilet. The house overlooks the stunning Paradise Dam, with a back drop on the opposite shoreline being the oldest food forest on the property. The dam has a large jetty and is excellent for swimming on hot summer days.

The home paddock is an east-facing gentle ridgeline surrounded by treed valleys while a forested creek edge. This creates a very private, secluded feel.  A great diversity of advanced fruit trees and stunning large clumping bamboos make this a very picturesque location.



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    1 Wood Duck Meadow2 Main Crop Plains3 Koonorigan's Corner4 Hill Top View
    5 Food Forest Row6 Pinchin’s Gate7 Zaytuna South8 Paradise Dam Homestead

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    Why are some plots are are bigger then others and why is this isn’t reflected in the price ?


    The green D1- D8 are Fixed house sites approved by Lismore city council for the building of residential houses.


    The Yellow Borders C1- C8 are only a suggested area of personal use for each House site based on the terrain . This area can be Larger or smaller if so desired.


    The rest of the farm that is not designated as private space or commercial space is common and may be used by all shareholders of the community for permaculture practices or other based on agreement.