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Zaytuna Farm Permaculture Discovery Day – 1st of August 2021

Let us take you into the world of Permaculture with a weekend day of discovery of our home, Zaytuna Farm, a property which is at the forefront of Permaculture Design.


Zaytuna Farm is a very active Permaculture demonstration site and education centre. It is also a highly productive working family farm, which opens its gates to interested members of the public, on very limited occasions.


Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity, from which you will be able to observe the principles of Permaculture and witness the abundance of food and other yields that we produce from our various living environments and intricately designed systems.


Zaytuna Farm is situated on a sixty-six-acre (27 hectares) property that fronts Terania Creek opposite the village of The Channon, Northern NSW. The property contains 800m of creek frontage, numerous swimming holes and abundant wildlife. The landscape is diverse, covering high frost-free hilltops, ridges and valleys containing both cleared paddock and forested areas.


What better way to learn about Permaculture than to take part in one of these special events? Geoff and Nadia Lawton, along with the team at Zaytuna Farm invite you to come and learn more about Permaculture and to see firsthand how they apply it in their everyday lives to create sustainable abundance.



The permaculture discovery day will start at the education centre with a brief introduction to Permaculture. Our Zaytuna Farm team will then take you on a walk, inspecting some of the highlights of the farm including the animal housing, some of our biological cleaning elements, our natural buildings, our commercial farm projects, our compost systems, energy systems and food forests. You will be guided through our annual and perennial food systems, irrigation, potable water, soil conservation, waste systems & recycling, water harvesting and plenty more.  It will be a day of fun-filled education from beginning to end.


The cafe will be open for coffee, tea, lunch and other light snacks.  Cash or card welcome.


The café will be open for coffee, tea, lunch, and other light snacks. Cash or card welcome.

Tour  Schedule:


Lane Way

8:30 AM – 11:00 AM

Meet at the Education Hub for a brief Introduction into Permaculture.

  • Beef Cows & Chicken Tractor
  • Food Forest Progression
  • Dams
  • The Dairy
  • 30 Min Tea Break


The Top


11 AM – 1:30 PM

  • More Chicken Tractor’s
  • Food Forest Progression
  • Mid Swale
  • Turkey & Duck Habitat
  • Dams
  • Top Swale
  • 1 Hr Lunch Break (Bring your own packed lunch )


Central Valley

1:30 PM – 3:30 PM

  • Compost Toilets
  • Reed Beds
  • Grey Water System
  • Bamboo Alley
  • Nursery
  • Compost Worm Bins
  • Chicken Nursery
  • Rabbit Tractor
  • Main Crop
  • Chicken Tractor
  • Dams
  • Rice Paddy
  • Bottom Swale
  • 30 Min Tea Break



Lane Way

3:30 PM – 5:00 PM

  • Lawton Homestead
  • South Laneway
  • Dams

Before Booking


  • We recommend that all visitors to Zaytuna Farm have a valid tetanus immunization. This is due to Zaytuna Farm being an active farming site.



On the Day


  • Remember to check the weather, if it has been or is due to rain, we highly recommend wearing gumboots.


  • Please bring a copy of your tickets (electronic is fine and it saves paper) and a signed copy of the Zaytuna Farm Etiquette with you.


  • Check in at the Office, near the main entrance.

Zaytuna Farm


This tour takes place at Zaytuna Farm, which is located 1 kilometre from the village of the Channon, 20km outside of Lismore in New South Wales, Australia.

Nearest Airport

Regional: Lismore, Coolangatta, Ballina
International: Brisbane

Train Station

Casino (with bus service on to Lismore)

Bus Stop

The Channon

NB: A limited service that runs Mon-Fri