Monster Carrots

Our carrots have done well. In fact, some of them are even bigger than this. I think these are All Seasons variety. Good non-compacted soil, appropriate thinning out of the seedlings after germination (after some initial growing of course – that’s where baby carrots come from) and then water and sunshine. We did compost the bed with our farm made compost that includes cow and chicken manure, and often rabbit as well. It does go through a 5-6 week composting process though before making its way to the bed. As you can see, the majority are well formed with the odd strange shape but they are still all edible. The throwing away of tons of food by the supermarket chains because it doesn’t look perfect is crazy. I would rather imperfect looking fresh food – strange shapes, insect bite bumps, and even the odd slug or worm hole over perfectly formed food covered in poisons, that tastes dreadful and you know is low in nutritional content. But if you look at this photo you can grow good looking food too, without poisons, synthetic fertilizers or expensive industrial machinery, just by paying attention to the quality of your soil Life. Life begets Life…so let’s quit with the poisons hey? We were never meant to eat, drink or breathe them.#BuildSoil #GrowYourOwnFood #PoisonFree#ZaytunaFarm #PermacultureResearchInstitute#PermacultureWillFeedTheWorld#peaceandfreedomonearth #nadialawton#geofflawtononline